Sign in to Planio with your Microsoft account

Feature Update
Added by Jens Krämer over 2 years ago

We have recently added Microsoft to the growing list of identity providers that you can use to sign into your Planio account. In order to connect your Planio account with your Office365 or Microsoft Azure account, click on Your AvatarMy accountEnable login with Microsoft.

Sign in providers

Consent screen

After clicking Yes on the consent screen, you will be able to sign into your Planio account in the future just by clicking the Microsoft logo above the login form.

microsoft_planio_consent@2x.png (310 KB) microsoft_planio_consent@2x.png Jens Krämer, 05/05/2021 03:57 AM
sign_in_providers@2x.jpeg (37.4 KB) sign_in_providers@2x.jpeg Jens Krämer, 05/05/2021 04:01 AM


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