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62d35285 08/27/2020 04:54 AM Jens Krämer


8dd781e8 08/25/2020 01:58 PM Jens Krämer

handle corner cases and error conditions

  • try to recover from an expired access token by using the refresh_token to get a new one
  • token revocation
  • handle oauth errors, i.e. when the user clicks 'deny' in the consent screen
656ae6fc 08/24/2020 10:50 AM Jens Krämer

display issues from redmine

  • omniauth-redmine-oauth2 gem for connecting to Redmine and letting the user grant access
  • rest-client gem for accessing Redmine's REST API
2d7d59fa 08/24/2020 06:32 AM Jens Krämer

initial commit

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