Import Planio Backup into Redmine

Set up Redmine

Use the working Redmine installation with your Planio data

Set up open source plugins (optional)

At this point you should have a working Redmine with your Planio data and optional Agile and Checklists plugins.

Things you will lose when moving away from Planio

The following modules are developed in-house by us and are only available to Planio customers:

All corresponding data is included in the DB dump and files directory but lacking the plugins it will simply be ignored by your Redmine installation.


Delete custom field definitions for Planio data types

If you had been using custom fields for entities provided by proprietary Planio plugins (such as Help Desk or Storage), you will have to delete these as otherwise Redmine will not work properly.

  custom_fields, custom_field_enumerations, custom_fields_projects, custom_fields_roles, custom_fields_trackers, custom_values
LEFT JOIN custom_field_enumerations ON custom_field_enumerations.custom_field_id =
LEFT JOIN custom_fields_projects ON custom_fields_projects.custom_field_id =
LEFT JOIN custom_fields_roles ON custom_fields_roles.custom_field_id =
LEFT JOIN custom_fields_trackers ON custom_fields_trackers.custom_field_id =
LEFT JOIN custom_values ON custom_values.custom_field_id =
  custom_fields.type IN ('CompanyCustomField', 'ContactCustomField', 'StorageFolderCustomField', 'StorageFileCustomField');