Import issues into Planio via CSV files » example.csv

Thomas Carney, 09/13/2016 01:14 PM

Subject,Description,Priority,Category,Asssignee,Sprint/Milestone,Private,Parent task,Start date,Due date,Estimated time,% Done
Rocket booster firmware upgrade,The current firmware for the rocket boosters needs to be updated.,High,Maintenance,elonmusk,Takeoff,FALSE,,11/7/16,15/7/16,10,10
Issue with air-tight seal,"Currently, there's an issue with the air-tight seal. It randomly opens and closes, causing castrophic failure.",Low,Infrastructure,elonmusk,Sprint #48,FALSE,23523412,21/7/16,28/7/16,18,15
Add ultra-insanity mode,Many customers want an extra-fast mode. Let's add an ultra-insanity mode.,Urgent,Drive-chain,elonmusk,Sprint #49,FALSE,,31/7/16,8/8/16,30,.15