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Set up Team Chat on Windows using Pidgin

Pidgin is a free IRC client for Windows, which you can use for Planio team chat on your desktop.asdfad asdf asdf asd asdfj;lkj asdf; sdflkj a sdf a;sdf

Download and install Pidgin

Download and install Pidgin for Windows.

Add a new Account

Click on the Add button on the welcome screen to add a new account.

Pidgin welcome screen
Click 'Add'

In the basic tab:

  • Protocol should be set to IRC
  • Username should be the username from your credentials (above)
  • Server is the Host name from your credentials
  • Password is the password from your credentials
  • Check Remember password, so you don't always have to re-enter it
  • Local alias is your chat name

Add a new account in Pidgin
Fill out the basic tab

In the Advanced tab:

  • The Port should be the port number from your credentials
  • Tick Use SSL, so your chat is secure
  • Ident name should be the user name from your credentials

Fill out the Pidgin advanced tab
Fill out the advanced tab

Start Chatting

Click on 'Add' and you'll be automatically connected to the project chatroom.

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