Colorful default user avatars

UI Improvement
Added by Felix Gliesche over 7 years ago

As you surely know, you can use Gravatars to personalize your user icon at Planio. Simply sign up at Gravatar, upload your picture and Planio will automatically pick it up.

Until now though, users who didn't use a Gravatar were displayed as a rather sad and grey boring silhouette.

Colorful default user avatars

We've changed this today by adding colorful default avatars to Planio. They're active in all accounts already. If you've used a different default before, you can enable them via AdministrationSettingsDisplay.

colorful_default_user_avatars@2x.png (84.1 KB) colorful_default_user_avatars@2x.png Felix Gliesche, 01/31/2017 01:22 PM


Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen over 7 years ago

Quick update due to popular demand: The colors are assigned randomly based on your email address and cannot be changed currently. Colors have nothing to do with gender as Planio doesn't even know yours... :-)

If you'd like a custom avatar, please consider uploading a Gravatar.

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