Upgrade to latest Redmine 3.3.2

Redmine Upgrade
Added by Felix Schäfer over 7 years ago

As you might know, Planio is powered by Redmine and runs on an always up-to-date branch that's individually managed and hardened by the Redmine experts at Planio.

Today, we've rolled out the upgrade to the latest stable Redmine 3.3.2. The upgrade comes with a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Many of the features in Redmine 3.3 have been contributed by our engineers at Planio and as such have been available in Planio for a long time already. Likewise, all security patches from Redmine had already been backported and installed for all Planio accounts within only hours of their respective disclosure, following our general security policies.

Here's a quick rundown of the new features:

  • Per tracker issue permissions
  • Drag and Drop reordering for statuses, trackers, roles, etc.
  • Bulk add watchers to multiple issues in context menu in issue list
  • Filter issues by ID / Only show selected issues
  • Issue attachment bulk edit/delete
  • Default assignee per project


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