Atom feeds for individual repository branches

Added by Felix Schäfer over 6 years ago

Up until now, the handy Atom feeds Planio provides for repositories would always include all commits on all branches. It wasn't possible to get notified for new commits that happened only on a certain branch, like your production branch for instance.

Fetch an Atom feed for an individual branch

Well, now it is. The screenshot above shows how you can get your Atom feeds for individual branches. So, yes, now you can get notified about commits directly in your Slack channel via their RSS integration.

Or, you could simply use Planio Team Chat where all Planio events feed into your channels automatically.

Warning: Be careful when sharing your Atom feed URL, though. Unless your repo is public, the feed URL will include your individual Atom access key! It may be a good idea to create a separate user with limited permissions for your integrations.


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