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Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen about 4 years ago

Since going into self-isolation four weeks ago, our team here at Planio has been working relentlessly on something we haven’t had in Planio so far: Video Conferencing.

To help you weather the COVID-19 storm and stay productive while working from home, we’re introducing today–after just 4 weeks of development–a very early alpha version of Planio Meet, a video conferencing solution fully integrated in Planio.

Video Conferencing with Planio Meet

Planio Meet is a Pro Feature available entirely for free in all Planio plans for the time being.

Built on the outstanding open source project Jitsi, Planio Meet adds simple one-click video conferencing to all your Planio projects: Simply click on the Video conference tab in any project and you’ll see and hear your team mates live and in real time.

As you can imagine, 4 weeks aren’t nearly enough to release a mature product. However, given the circumstances, we decided to release our very first proof-of-concept to all customers. As we continue development of Planio Meet over the coming weeks and months, we will deploy early and often and let you follow the development very closely.

This means, that things may break and that Planio Meet won’t work perfectly for everyone from the start, but it’s a first step. A step that we feel was needed now–not in a few months.

In our own tests, we were having a lot of success with using Planio Meet in Firefox. Some colleagues say Google Chrome is working great, too. Your mileage may vary. Please feel free to experiment a little and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or requests.

We hope this helps. Stay healthy and stay inside!

Your friends at Planio

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