Bundled release of several updates and improvements

Bundled Release
Added by Felix Schäfer almost 8 years ago

We've started rolling out a new bundled release of Planio today. All Planio accounts will eventually be updated to this new release over the coming weeks. A lot of work has gone into it behind the scenes: Under the hood, Planio was upgraded to Ruby on Rails 4 and Redmine 3 which both come with a lot of infrastructural improvements that aren't immediately visible to users but which will help us develop new features and improvements faster and more consistently together with the Redmine community.

There are a few new features and improvements as well. The most notable ones are:

Multiple email addresses per user

It is now possible to have multiple email addresses per user. This might sound like a little thing, but users with multiple email addresses will not have to remember which of their addresses is registered in Planio anymore, which in turn we hope will make their daily work this tiny bit easier. This is especially useful if you're using the E-Mail Drop Box as your sender address is used to determine if you're allowed to send emails into a Planio project or not.

You can add additional email addresses from Your avatarMy account by clicking on the Emails button in the top right of the content pane. Per default, email notifications will only be sent to your primary email address, you can however toggle notification sending per additional email address by clicking on the mail icon on the right of the address.

Multiple email addresses per user account

New options for issue statuses in new issues

Up until now there was one issue status that was the default and starting status for all trackers. It is now possible to define a default status for each tracker. No more Open or Start status that needs to be shared between all trackers, specialized trackers can now use the best default issue status instead of the same one as every other tracker.

Furthermore, it is now possible to define which statuses can be set for new issues in the workflow. In previous versions new issues could have the default status and every status that was accessible from that default status. With this new workflow setting the statuses for new issues can be further restricted.

Workflows can define available statuses for new issues

Better permissions

There have also been some refinements in the permission system. It is now possible to limit the visibility of time entries to only the time entries created by the user per role. It is also possible to limit the other users which a certain user can see. Last but not least, there is now an extra permission to manage a project's members.

Diverse features and improvements

There's even more improvements, other things we hope you will find useful:

  • Improvements to parent tasks and subtasks. It is now possible to decouple the start/end dates, priority and % done from parent tasks from those of its subtasks. This is a global setting. There is also a new subtasks filter in issue lists.
  • Totals for numeric fields in the issue list.
  • You can now set a default milestone/sprint for new issues on a per-project level.
  • Attachment descriptions are now editable.
  • Faster search and new search options.


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Switch text area font between monospaced and variable width

Typography Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen almost 8 years ago

We realize that some Planio users write mostly text while many others use a lot of code in Planio issues, wiki pages, blog posts, etc. Therefore, we've introduced a user preference setting that allows to switch text areas between the two options. You can change the setting via your avatarMy accountPreferencesFont used for text areasMonospaced font.

Here's an example of how beautiful Textile tables now look in monospaced text areas:

Switch between monospaced and variable width font for text areas

Better error messages for mirrored external Git repositories

UI Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen almost 8 years ago

In addition to Planio's hosted Git and Subversion repositories, you can also connect your Planio projects to externally hosted Git repos at GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or elsewhere. Setting them up can be a bit tricky depending on the external Git hoster you use. To make this a lot easier, Planio will now show detailed error messages in case things go wrong and offers handy "try again" links to troubleshoot your configuration.

Better error messages for mirrored external Git repositories

More caching for better performance

Performance Improvement
Added by Gregor Schmidt almost 8 years ago

We have started working on some performance bottlenecks in Planio which mostly affect Planio accounts with a large number of users and many issues across a lot of projects. One item we've been rolling out is the Overview and the activity browsing. Planio will now cache pre-rendered activities and serve pages almost instantly while fetching actual activity content later.

More caching for better performance

Redesigned administration area

UI Improvement
Added by Felix Gliesche about 8 years ago

We've redesigned the (formerly quite bland) overview of sections within Planio's administration area. While we were at it, we've also added a few lines of helpful text to each section so it's easier for new admins to find their way around. If you are an admin on your Planio account, simply navigate to your avatarAdministration to check it out.

Redesigned Administration area

More beautiful TOCs, code highlighting, and wiki typography

Typography Improvement
Added by Nadine Roßa about 8 years ago

We've been working on a very subtle yet important topic these last days: Typography! When browsing your Planio wikis, blog articles, and repository READMEs you may notice that things are generally looking more clean, properly aligned and spaced. The tables of contents in wiki pages (you can add them via the {{>toc}} macro) have been refreshed and inline code as well as code blocks look much nicer now.

More beautiful tables of contents code highlighting and wiki typography

Company custom fields can now be shown on the contact list

UI Improvement
Added by Gregor Schmidt about 8 years ago

As you may know already, the companies you can create using CRM & Helpdesk are customizable via your avatarAdministrationCustom fieldsCompanies. Those custom fields now got a new option called Show in list which will cause the values entered to appear in your general contact lists in Planio

Company custom fields can now be shown on the contact list

Invite new users from the members screen

UI Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen about 8 years ago

As an Administrator, you can now invite new users via email to your Planio account directly from within the Members tab in your projectSettings. Simply enter the user's email address, select one or more Roles and click Add.

Adding new users from the members screen

Of course, you can still add multiple users all at once by navigating to your avatarAdministrationUsers.

Turning off support for DSA keys

Security Announcement
Added by Holger Just about 8 years ago

Due to the recent disclosure of a security vulnerability with the long-deprecated DSA key signing algorithm (CVE-2016-2178), we will be turning off DSA support for Planio's Git access via SSH this Friday, June 10, 2016 at 16:00 UTC.

Should you still be using a DSA key, please generate a new key pair to maintain access to your Git repositories. You can find out if you're using DSA by navigating to Your avatarMy accountPublic keys. Make sure that all your keys start with ssh-rsa. Should you find any keys starting with ssh-dss, please remove them from Planio and generate a new key pair on the respective client, e.g. by executing ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 on a command line. After that, please upload the new key to Planio.

Should you not use Git or DSA keys, you will not be affected by this change.


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