Redesigned administration area

UI Improvement
Added by Felix Gliesche about 7 years ago

We've redesigned the (formerly quite bland) overview of sections within Planio's administration area. While we were at it, we've also added a few lines of helpful text to each section so it's easier for new admins to find their way around. If you are an admin on your Planio account, simply navigate to your avatarAdministration to check it out.

Redesigned Administration area


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More beautiful TOCs, code highlighting, and wiki typography

Typography Improvement
Added by Nadine Roßa over 7 years ago

We've been working on a very subtle yet important topic these last days: Typography! When browsing your Planio wikis, blog articles, and repository READMEs you may notice that things are generally looking more clean, properly aligned and spaced. The tables of contents in wiki pages (you can add them via the {{>toc}} macro) have been refreshed and inline code as well as code blocks look much nicer now.

More beautiful tables of contents code highlighting and wiki typography

Company custom fields can now be shown on the contact list

UI Improvement
Added by Gregor Schmidt over 7 years ago

As you may know already, the companies you can create using CRM & Helpdesk are customizable via your avatarAdministrationCustom fieldsCompanies. Those custom fields now got a new option called Show in list which will cause the values entered to appear in your general contact lists in Planio

Company custom fields can now be shown on the contact list

Invite new users from the members screen

UI Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen over 7 years ago

As an Administrator, you can now invite new users via email to your Planio account directly from within the Members tab in your projectSettings. Simply enter the user's email address, select one or more Roles and click Add.

Adding new users from the members screen

Of course, you can still add multiple users all at once by navigating to your avatarAdministrationUsers.

Turning off support for DSA keys

Security Announcement
Added by Holger Just over 7 years ago

Due to the recent disclosure of a security vulnerability with the long-deprecated DSA key signing algorithm (CVE-2016-2178), we will be turning off DSA support for Planio's Git access via SSH this Friday, June 10, 2016 at 16:00 UTC.

Should you still be using a DSA key, please generate a new key pair to maintain access to your Git repositories. You can find out if you're using DSA by navigating to Your avatarMy accountPublic keys. Make sure that all your keys start with ssh-rsa. Should you find any keys starting with ssh-dss, please remove them from Planio and generate a new key pair on the respective client, e.g. by executing ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 on a command line. After that, please upload the new key to Planio.

Should you not use Git or DSA keys, you will not be affected by this change.

Repositories now render README files in Markdown and Textile

Repository Browsing Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen over 7 years ago

Any README files in your Planio repositories written in Markdown or Textile will now be rendered automatically on the main repository view. Markdown and Textile files and file attachments in issues and other Planio objects will also be rendered.

Repositories will now show README files in Markdown and Textile

Wiki page export to Microsoft Word and OpenOffice

Data Export Improvement
Added by Gregor Schmidt over 7 years ago

Wiki pages may now be exported to OpenDocument text files (ODT). They can be viewed and edited with Microsoft Office 2010 and later, OpenOffice, LibreOffice as well as a number of other word processing applications.

At the bottom of each wiki page, you will find the ODT link, next to the other supported export formats. The resulting document will map the most common formatting to default formats within Word, embedded attachments will be included in the export.

Wiki page export to Word and OpenOffice

Native Push Notifications for Modern Browsers

UI Improvement
Added by Jens Krämer over 7 years ago

You can now receive Planio push notifications on the desktop with current versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox, even when you're not currently using Planio. In addition to the Planio mobile app, Chrome on mobile devices can now receive push notifications as well.

This change replaces our previous in-browser notifications which supported less browsers and were more resource-intensive for servers and clients.


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