Planio Support (english): Repository web hooks now contain pusher and ref

API Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen almost 8 years ago

The repository web hooks we're sending whenever new commits get pushed to your Git repositories hosted on Planio now contain the pusher, i.e. the user pushing to the repository as well as the ref, i.e. the branch or tag that has been pushed to. Should you push several braches or tags at once, we will now call your web hook URL several times – once for each ref that has been pushed to.

The format and behavior mimics GitHub web hooks very closely. So, should you wish to integrate Planio with a 3rd party service which accepts GitHub-style web hooks they will most likely also work with Planio now.

Please note: Due to the changes, calling /sys/fetch_changesets manually or from external services will not trigger the web hook configured in your Planio repository anymore.


Planio Support (english): Involve users in issues by setting them as watcher

Roles & Permissions Improvement
Added by Holger Just almost 8 years ago

Within Your avatar -> Administration -> Roles and Permissions -> select a role -> Issues visibility, you now have a new option Issues watched by, created by or assigned to the user.

Involve users in issues by setting them as watcher

Users with a role having this issue visibility will also see issues in a project if they have been set as a watcher. You can therefore easily involve restricted users in individual issues on a per-case basis.

Please note: Be careful with assigning the Add watchers permission to roles using this setting, because that will effectively allow those users to extend the permission to other users as well.


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