Planio Support (english): Tidy up your Issues by Blocking Irrelevant Email Attachments

Feature Update
Added by Jens Krämer 9 months ago

Many business emails come with quite a few images in their footer, like company logos, social network logos etc. When receiving such emails in Planio Helpdesk, these attachments would be added to the issue over and over again, quickly leading to a long list of attachments. Not only does this make it hard to find relevant attachments, it also takes up storage space in your Planio account that you might want to use otherwise.

Blacklist unwanted attachments

In order to enable users to make use of the blacklist, add the Add attachments to blacklist permission to one of their roles. They may then, when editing an issue, click Edit attached files at the bottom of the form. This reveals a list of the currently attached files, each with a link to Blacklist it.

Blacklist attachments when editing an assue

Alternatively, you may click the Edit icon next to the attachments list while viewing an issue. This will lead to the Edit attachments form which features the new Blacklist links as well.

In either case, clicking the Blacklist link will, after a confirmation, remove the file from the issue and append it to the global attachments blacklist. From now on, the same file (as determined by a checksum over it's data, the name does not matter) will be ignored whenever it is part of an incoming email.

Managing the attachments blacklist

As an administrator you can access the global attachments blacklist in AdministrationAttachments blacklist. The blacklist shows when and by whom a file was blacklisted, what issue it originally was attached to, and allows to remove entries from the blacklist. There is also a function to Delete all duplicates for each blacklisted file, which will go through all your existing issues and remove any files that are identical to the already blacklisted one. Note that this process cannot be reversed.


Planio Support (english): Markdown support using CommonMark and conversion service

Usability Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen 10 months ago

For many years, Planio has been using the Textile syntax for all issue descriptions, wiki pages, and all other formatted content.

The Markdown logo

However, some time has passed since the first days of Planio. Meanwhile Markdown has emerged as the more common de-facto standard for formatting text and it's in the process of being defined formally as a standard. For a while now, new Planio accounts are using Markdown and both formatting languages are fully supported.

In order to make our use of Markdown even more interoperable, we've now switched our parser to CommonMark. This means that if you're used to writing Markdown at GitHub, Stack Overflow, Discourse, and many more, you will feel right at home with Planio.

With that change, we're now introducing a free Markdown conversion service. If you started using Planio before we introduced Markdown and would like all your existing Textile content be converted to Markdown, please get in touch and we will coordinate a time slot to perform the automated conversion of your data.

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): 優先度が「高め」以上のチケットからのみ通知を受け取る設定ができるようになりました

Added by Keiko Fukuda 10 months ago



  1. 画面右上のアカウント名をクリック
  2. メニューの中から「個人設定」を選択
  3. メール通知設定内の新たな項目 「Also notify me about issues with a priority of high or higher」 にチェックを入れる



Planio Support (english): Get notified about high priority issues only

Notification Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen 11 months ago

In Planio, you can control for which events you'd like to receive notifications and on which ways you'd like to be notified, e.g. via email, or via mobile or desktop push notification.

Today, we're introducing a new way to control what you'd like to be notified about. Within your Avatar -> My account section, you can now enable a new setting called Also notify me about issues with a priority of high or higher.

Get nofified about high priority issues

This will essentially notify you about high priority issues regardless of whether they are assigned to you or whether you are watching or being otherwise involved in them. This will also work if you have selected to receive no notifications at all otherwise.

We believe this to be particularly useful for high level managers who are overseeing many projects but aren't directly involved in their day-to-day. It's also great for help desk scenarios where agents won't need email notifications for regular issues as they're working on them consistently following an orderly queue. Yet, high priority issues could now alert them even if they aren't currently logged on or are working on something else – if that's what's desired.

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): Planio Storageに新機能を追加しました

Added by Tomomi Yuzuriha about 1 year ago

Planio Storageに、お客様から多くの要望があった2つの機能を追加しました

Planio Storageのファイルとフォルダの変更(作成、変更、削除)に関する通知を受け取ることができるようになりました。個人設定のメール通知設定は、チケットの更新などに関する通知の設定を行えますが、Storageのどのような変更が通知されるかにも影響します。



削除されたファイルはTrashで3日間保持され、誤ってファイルを削除するのを防ぎます。TrashにはStorage画面のサイドバーにあるリンク(show trash)からアクセスできます。


Planio Support (ja - 日本語): アジャイルチャート機能を改善しました

Added by Tomomi Yuzuriha about 1 year ago

チャート自体の外観を改善しました。また、チケットのカスタムクエリやアジャイルボードと同様にチャートについても保存ができるようになりました。保存したチャートはチケット一覧画面のサイドバー上部 チケット のリストにある Agile Charts リンクの下に表示されます。これまでサイドバーに表示していた各種チャートのリストはAgile charts画面のオプションから選択できます。

もう1つの改善点はストーリーポイントの設定です。画面右上の自分のアイコン → 管理Agile から割り当てるストーリーポイントの値を定義できるようになりました。チケットを作成・編集する際、任意の値を入力する代わりにStory pointsの項目からストーリーポイントの値を選択できます。
ストーリーポイントの設定は「Estimate units」を「Story points」に変更すると行えます。値はStory points valuesに「 , 」(カンマ)で区切って入力すると設定できます。

Planio Support (english): New features for Planio Storage

Added by Jens Krämer about 1 year ago

Planio's new Storage App just received an update which brings two much requested features.

Notifications for changes to files and folders

Users can now receive notifications about changes (that is, creation, modification and deletion) of files and folders in Planio Storage. The same settings in My Account, which control notifications about issue updates and so on, will also influence what changes in Storage users will be notified about.

For fine grained control, we also introduced the possibility to watch files and folders, which becomes relevant when a user has selected the "Only for things I watch or I'm involved in" setting in her notification preferences. The watch setting on folders is recursive, so all files and folders inside a watched folder are considered to be watched as well automatically.

Notification emails show which files and folders have changed.

To avoid flooding users' mailboxes with notifications, these are consolidated over a period of time. Emails only get sent out when no more changes happened for a certain period of time in order to group related changes in a single notification email.

Restoration of deleted files

The new Trashcan can be accessed through a link in the sidebar of the Storage app. It keeps hold of deleted files for 3 days, providing a safeguard against accidental deletion of files.

Files and folders in trash can be restored or permanently removed before this happens automatically. Administrators may choose to purge all files permanently in one go, while other users may only purge those files that they deleted themselves. Protected files and folders remain protected in Trash as well - they cannot be seen in the Trashcan view by users without the proper permissions.

Storage Trashcan

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): PlanioのOpenIDサポートを2019年11月1日に終了します

Added by Tomomi Yuzuriha about 1 year ago


ログインに外部サービスのアカウントを使用する場合、設定はユーザーの個人設定から行えます。さらにセキュリティを高めるには同じ画面から二要素認証 を有効にすることができます。

Planio Support (english): Resizable Gantt chart column

Feature Update
Added by Felix Schäfer about 1 year ago

Quick heads-up on a much-requested feature, the first of a couple improvements coming to the Gantt charts. The left column of Gantt charts containing the tree of projects, milestones, and issues is now resizable.

Resizing the left column of a Gantt chart

We hope you'll like using this feature while we continue working on Planio improvements!


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