Planio Support (english): Planio filters just got more powerful

Feature Update
Added by Jens Krämer over 2 years ago

If you ever struggled with finding what you are looking for in Planio's issue lists, this one is for you.

The contains filter, which previously did a simple sub string match, now finds the given query terms even if they appear in a different order or are separated by words that are not part of your query. For example:

Suppose you have an issue named Water the flowers. Previously, a contains subject filter for water flowers or flower water would not have found that. Now it does! In order to get the previous behavior and match an exact phrase or substring, just enclose it in double quotes: "the flowers".

More powerful "contains" filter

But not only the contains filter got an upgrade, searching for related or parent issues works in the same way:

Searching a related issue

Note that if you have previously used the (undocumented) % and _ wildcards in your filters, you might want to use spaces instead from now on. Searching for % or _ now actually finds you values that contain that character.


Planio Support (ja - 日本語): Microsoftアカウントでログインできるようになりました

Added by Tomomi Yuzuriha almost 3 years ago


PlanioのユーザーアカウントをOffice365やMicrosoft Azureのアカウントに紐づけるには、「個人設定」から設定を行います。

  1. 「画面右上のアカウント名」→「個人設定」をクリック
  2. 「Enable login with Microsoft」をクリック
  3. 画面の案内に従いMicrosoftアカウントでサインイン
  4. 同意画面で「はい」をクリック

Planio Support (english): Sign in to Planio with your Microsoft account

Feature Update
Added by Jens Krämer almost 3 years ago

We have recently added Microsoft to the growing list of identity providers that you can use to sign into your Planio account. In order to connect your Planio account with your Office365 or Microsoft Azure account, click on Your AvatarMy accountEnable login with Microsoft.

Sign in providers

Consent screen

After clicking Yes on the consent screen, you will be able to sign into your Planio account in the future just by clicking the Microsoft logo above the login form.

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): 更新したチケットのウォッチャーに自動で追加される設定ができるようになりました

Added by Keiko Fukuda almost 3 years ago



  1. 「画面右上のアカウント名」→「個人設定」をクリック
  2. 新たに追加された「AUTO WATCH」欄の「Issues I contributed to」にチェックを入れる
  3. 「保存」をクリック

Planio Support (english): Automatically watch issues you have contributed to

Feature Update
Added by Jens Krämer almost 3 years ago

It is now possible to be added as a watcher to issues automatically whenever you update them.

In combination with one of the existing notification options that allow you to be notified for changes on items you are watching, this provides a great way to stay on top of the things that do concern you. To take advantage of this, click on Your AvatarMy account and enable the Issues I contributed to option in the new Auto watch section:

New auto watch setting

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): 作業時間の入力、ファイルとチケット編集機能を改善

Added by Keiko Fukuda about 3 years ago



ファイルのサイズ・作成日、その他の属性によるファイルのフィルタリングやソートも可能となりました。 なお、ファイルの閲覧・管理の可否はユーザーの持つ権限によって異なります。



Planio Support (english): Time entries, Files and Issue Edit updates

Feature update
Added by Felix Schäfer about 3 years ago

We are pleased to announce a few improvements and refinements to Planio across the board, we hope many of you will find something useful in this update!

First of all you can now allow certain users to log time for other users. This is possible when logging time, when editing logged time and even when importing time logs via a CSV import. The ability to log time for other users is subject to a new permission, please make sure to activate this permission for users requiring it.

Author selection menu for a new time log

Furthermore you can now remove the grouping by container in the Files section, sort files by size, creation date and other attributes and filter files by their names. The visibility of files and attachments is as always limited by the permissions of the current user.

Files with filter and sorting without container grouping

Last but not least, users who prefer the reverse chronological order for issue comments, i.e. the newest comments are at the top of the issue history, will find the usage of this mode much improved. Everything needed to edit the current issue and add a new comment is now located near the newest comment, i.e. the menu and edit form will now be located between the issue description and issue history when using the reverse chronological order for issue comments.

We hope these improvements will make using Planio more productive for everyone and would love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions regarding those new features or anything Planio related please get in touch.

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): ガントチャートとカレンダーでコンテキストメニューが使えるようになりました

Added by Keiko Fukuda about 3 years ago




Planio Support (english): Issue context menu on Gantt charts and calendars

Feature update
Added by Felix Schäfer about 3 years ago

While we're currently more focused on infrastructure and backend work we are still trying to make Planio better and easier for your everyday use.

Many of you already know the issue context menu from the issue query lists and the subtasks and related issues lists (if don't know the issue context menu, go right-click on a row in the issue list to try it out!). We have now extended its availability to the Gantt charts (in the left-hand issue list but also on the issue progress bars of the Gantt chart) and the calendar pages. You can now make small changes to issues in the Gantt chart or calendar pages without leaving those pages, which will enable quicker iteration of your project plans.

Issue context menu on the Planio Gantt chart

We're sure all users of the Planio Gantt charts and Planio calendar will find their experience improved by those changes and would love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions regarding those new features or anything Planio related please get in touch.

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): GitHubやBitbucketとの接続方法を改善

Added by Yukiko Ishihara over 3 years ago



プロジェクト設定の「リポジトリ」タブで、既存のリポジトリの上に、GithubとBitbucketのリポジトリを接続するための2つのリンク「Connect GitHub repositories」「Connect Bitbucket repositories」があります。これらのリンクのいずれかをクリックすると、プロバイダから接続する可能性のあるリポジトリのリストが表示されます。

各リポジトリには、 Connect to Planio ボタンがあり、Planioプロジェクトにミラーリングされたリポジトリをセットアップします。リポジトリを同期させるために必要なウェブフックやデプロイキーは、自動的に設定されます。



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