Planio Support (ja - 日本語): PlanioのOpenIDサポートを2019年11月1日に終了します

Added by Tomomi Yuzuriha almost 2 years ago


ログインに外部サービスのアカウントを使用する場合、設定はユーザーの個人設定から行えます。さらにセキュリティを高めるには同じ画面から二要素認証 を有効にすることができます。


Planio Support (english): Resizable Gantt chart column

Feature Update
Added by Felix Schäfer about 2 years ago

Quick heads-up on a much-requested feature, the first of a couple improvements coming to the Gantt charts. The left column of Gantt charts containing the tree of projects, milestones, and issues is now resizable.

Resizing the left column of a Gantt chart

We hope you'll like using this feature while we continue working on Planio improvements!

Planio Support (english): OpenID support on Planio will end on November 1st, 2019

Deprecation Announcement
Added by Jens Krämer about 2 years ago

From November 1st, 2019, Planio will no longer support logins via OpenID. If you have been using OpenID so far, please log in using your username and password instead, or use one of the supported OAuth providers (Google, Github, Bitbucket or LinkedIn). In case you do not have your password handy, click the Forgot password? link in the login form.

You can set up OAuth by navigating to your account settings. In order to further secure your account when logging in with username and password, you may enable two factor authentication in the same place.

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): 履歴を含むチケット情報と、添付ファイルを一括でエクスポートできるようになりました

Added by Tomomi Yuzuriha about 2 years ago


また2つのオプション「Include attachments in ZIP file」・「Place child issues in sub floders」が用意されており、必要に応じて選択できます。


Planio Support (english): Updates for Agile charts and more

Feature Update
Added by Felix Schäfer about 2 years ago

Planio Agile has seen some improvements in the last few weeks. Heavy users of the Agile charts may already have noticed that the look of the charts themselves has improved.

What you might not have noticed yet is that it is now possible to save charts with a similar mechanism to saving issue queries or Agile boards. To make room for the list of your saved Agile charts in the sidebar, we have removed the list of standard charts from the sidebar and rolled them up under the Agile Charts link in the list of Issues navigation at the top of the sidebar.

Story points with predefined values

Another improvement for teams using predefined values for story points is a global setting for the values of story points. Via your avatar -> Administration -> Agile you can now define a list of values for Story points, from which your users can choose when editing an issue instead of entering arbitrary values.

Planio Support (ja - 日本語): Planioがクラウドストレージ機能を正式リリース

Added by Yukiko Ishihara about 2 years ago

Planioに統合されたクラウドストレージ機能である Planio Storage を正式にリリースしました。

Planio Storageを使用して、チーム間および外部のパートナーと任意の数のファイルやフォルダを保存、同期、および共有できます。

Planio Storageを使い始める方法は次のとおりです。

  1. プロジェクトの「モジュール」タブから Storage をインストールします。
  2. Storage 画面を開きます。
  3. クライアントアプリ をインストールします。
  4. 共有を始めましょう!

Planio Storageは、以前のプランではわずかな月額料金で利用できるPro Featureです。現在のPlatinum・EnterpriseプランにはPlanio Storageが無料で含まれています。

Planio Support (english): Bulk export of issue details and attachments

Added by Jens Krämer about 2 years ago

Expanding the possibilities for exporting issue data has been a frequent request from our customers. You may now choose to get a ZIP archive that contains one detailed PDF for each issue when exporting a number of issues from the issue list. The PDF documents will contain all issue details and the full history including all comments. If you wish, you can also opt to include any files that are attached to the issues you are exporting.

Issues PDF export options

Another option is to place child issues in a folder under the folder of their parent issue. This way, your issue hierarchy will be reflected in the folder hierarchy inside the ZIP file.

Generating this kind of export may take a while, therefore Planio does all the heavy lifting in the background while you can continue with your work. You will receive an email with a download link once your export is ready.

Planio Support (english): Planio launches Cloud Storage App

Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen about 2 years ago

This is a big update: One, we've been working on for the last 2 years.

Today, we're officially launching Planio Storage, a cloud storage service that's fully integrated in Planio.

Planio Storage

You can use Planio Storage to store, sync, and share any number of files and folders among your team and with external partners.

Here's how to start using Planio Storage:

  1. In any project, activate Planio Storage via the Apps tab.
  2. Check out the new Storage section.
  3. Install the sync client.
  4. Start sharing!

Planio Storage is a Pro Feature that’s available for a small monthly fee in older Planio plans. Our new Platinum and Enterprise plans include Planio Storage for free. We’d be happy to create a tailored offer for you that includes Planio Storage. Simply get in touch!

Planio Support (english): Clipboard paste and image file drag & drop

UI Improvement
Added by Jan Schulz-Hofen over 2 years ago

We have made two small improvements to text areas and image attachments in Planio.

When editing text inside a text area in Planio, you can now drag any image file from your desktop right inside the browser and onto the text area. The image file will be added as an attachment and referenced in the text.

Dragging an image file into a text area

In addition to that, if you have an image inside your computer's clipboard (e.g. after taking a screenshot), you can now paste it directly by pressing Ctrl-v or Command-v. The pasted image will also be attached and referenced at your current cursor position.

Planio Support (english): Help Desk settings and custom project email addresses

Added by Gregor Schmidt almost 3 years ago

We've recently updated Planio Help Desk. Today, I would like to guide you through some of the highlights.

Project email addresses

As you may know, you may create and update issues within Planio via mail. When using Planio Help Desk, you may define an alias for those long technical project email addresses.

We have now extended this feature, so that you may use more than one incoming mail address. This could be useful, if you would like to change your support address, but keep the old one in place. Or maybe your website is available via multiple domains and you would like to be sure, that all matching addresses work flawlessly.

With the help of the new Inbox configuration within the project settings, this is now possible.

Add more than one custom inbox address

Improved Help Desk settings

We've re-arranged the whole Help Desk settings, to better align them with the way you are using the help desk. You may now immediately see a preview of the autoreply, which will be sent to your contacts. In the same place, you may configure the properties of new issues created through Help Desk. There are now separate sections for the handling of incoming emails, the properties of outgoing mails and the setting for update notifications.

Help Desk settings are now grouped according to use cases

Help Desk templates and FAQs simplified

The management of Help Desk templates and FAQ entries was moved to a separate section, so that you will be able to see more information at the same time. Additionally they are now sorted automatically to improve consistency and ease management.

More detailed FAQ list

While we were at it, we've also simplified the views to create and update Help Desk templates and FAQ entries. You will now only see the most relevant fields.

All these changes were introduced to make it easier to get started with Planio Help Desk. We hope you like it. Maybe you will even discover features which were previously hidden in the settings.


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